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11/53 March 12 2017, 0 Comments

Another thing I did at the Provincial Craft Wholesale Show, was attend a couple of seminars, one of which spoke of effectiveness of shop displays.  

I've studied all those little tricks before, but it's always good to refresh my ideas on how to show products in my shop.  

Turns out, one of the most shop-worthy areas of my shop, is where I had heaped mat hooking tools and materials.  So, I came home with some fresh plans to rearrange my shop shelves a bit, for the one hundredth millionth time!  

I changed my little sink area into a kitchen inspired space.  Aprons, jams, candles that look like jams, tea towels, and Dark Tickle Company products fill the nook nicely.

And I've been packaging iceberg t-shirts into iced tea cups- i had to do a little searching to find a large enough cup to fit all the different sizes, but here they are!  Iced Tees from Norton's Cove.  I'm quite proud of myself for that little pun!  What do you think, Mr. W?

When I get the shop a little more ship-shape, I'll post more pictures of how it's looking. 

10/53 March 05 2017, 0 Comments

Printing lots of my newest card this past week as well as other images in black ink.

So many so, that I had to go to overflow drying devices... window screens!

And here's how the café is looking this week.  The ceiling is quite a big job!  But those scissor rafters will be worth the airy feel they give to the building.  

9/53 February 26 2017, 0 Comments

Today I'm at the Provincial Craft Wholesale Show in our capital city, St. John's.  
I am meeting with wholesale customers and taking quite a few orders for cards, mini-prints, bookmarks, and t-shirts. 

I'll spend lots of time printing and packaging new product over the coming months to meet my orders.

I spent a little time (and money) ordering from fellow crafters to supply my shop with Newfoundland made gift items too.  I'm really looking forward to receiving boxes of new goods in the mail!

8/53 February 19 2017, 0 Comments

Today is my birthday.

I had quite a party last night, with about 30 people at my house having a time.  I was so busy having fun that I didn't take any pictures.  So there's no proof that I wore a ballerina costume and greeted people at the door by leaping towards the vestibule.  

Today, the truth settled in.  I'm not young anymore.  Crap. 

7/53 February 12 2017, 0 Comments

New card plates proofed this week: Blue Flag and Typewriter. 
These images have been added to my printing lists, and will start production next week.
I always start production with a list of all the cards required minus the cards in stock and then print out a list that I can check off each card in each colour variety I need to fill orders and stock my own shop shelves.  

Over at the cafe, the walls have been blown full of insulation by a terrific work crew: Superior Insulating.  They did a great job in no time flat.  I'm very impressed*!

Duke (with a hand from a friend) has started sheeting up the walls with tongue and groove spruce which will be painted white after the heat gets turned on.

*Printmaking puns are always intentional.  

6/53 February 05 2017, 0 Comments


I made this little painting on Thursday's Open Studio Day.  12" x 12", the oil on panel painting depicts a blue flag, or iris, that I photographed quite some time ago (maybe 2011?) while walking the Greenspond Trail with Jack the Labrador Retriever and friends.  I had bent low to get a close up shot of the flower, and by the time the click noise ended on the camera, Jack had eaten the iris.  The painting, will show up in my online shop next week when the paint is dry and a layer of varnish is added.  

We made a quick trip to St. John's and back on Friday.  I went to sign documents related to a government loan that I am getting to help build the cafe.  The Business Investment Corporation (BIC) will give me the money I need to buy equipment, pay for advertising, and to put towards building costs.  I have some pretty easy repayment terms over ten years, and so now i just need to get the restaurant opened up to start making the money back!  My fingers and toes are crossed (my innards in knots too) that this new venture is a success.

Yesterday, the rare and elusive urge to clean struck, and so my house is a more civilized place to live at the moment.  I took that to the cafe today, tidying up the main floor.  We have a team coming on Wednesday to insulate the exterior walls, and they need those walls to be free of clutter and dust/dirt, so I'm rearranging tools and piles of lumber while sweeping up the place.  Next week should see some big changes with the look of the interior of the cafe as Duke and Barry work on sheeting up the walls.  We should get the power turned on soon too.  Exciting times!


5/53 January 29 2017, 0 Comments

A Mat Hooking Workshop happened yesterday with five wonderful students.

Five very different designs.

Star student who finished their mini-mat first...

Thank you all for being such fun students, who even brought a fine dinner for everyone!  A lovely day well spent.




4/53 January 22 2017, 0 Comments

January has brought...

Inventory counts & adjustments
T2 and checking GIFI against accounts
T4s & T4 Summary
Year end adjustments
WorkplaceNL statements
HST return
..and other fascinating bits of paper and digital stuff to make me almost cross-eyed.

And to make my life even more exciting, I have installed a new POS system for the shop.  So I'm changing the way I keep my inventory a little, and trying to cut down the amount of paperwork I'll have to do this year.  We'll see how that works out.  I could be back to c1890s handwritten receipts next year.

3/53 January 15 2017, 0 Comments

A wee bit of printing happened this week.
Still trying to get something special from my Snow Crab printing plate.
I'm still not feeling it.

I've also started making new card and min-print images to add to my Norton's Cove product line.  A typewriter and a new blue flag (iris) are ready to be proofed.

Halfway through January already... 

2/53 January 08 2017, 1 Comment

I love to walk to the beach at Windmill Bight Park during the winter. 
The beach looks very different compared to summertime, with bits of ice forming in the sand, and the wind casting patterns with rolling rocks.
Days like this give me the beauty I need to get through the long cold winter.