Greenspond Update April 08 2016, 1 Comment

I'm ready to print my latest lino-cut image today.  I'll be aiming for about 75-100 prints.

Here are the progress shots...

Drawing & cutting the image in linoleum:

First proof on kraft paper before final cuts are made:

First proof on cotton fibre 250g paper in sepia ink, with watercolour added:

I'm hoping to have some of these ready to go at the Downhome Expo next weekend.  I've got some free tickets to that event, if you'd like to attend- just send me your mailing address and i'll send them to you!

If you'd like to hear from me when these prints are ready to go, just send me an email, and I'll put you on the list of folks interested in purchasing one of the edition.

And if you're in the Brookfield area, please stop in to see the work in progress.  I love showing visitors how it's done!