Blue-Green Rainbow Roll & Nan 6/229 May 21 2016, 0 Comments

Another full day at the studio has the drying rack full of blue-green rainbow roll cards, bookmarks, and mini-prints.

After work and a lovely supper that Duke had whipped up for us, I headed to the theatre at Newtown's Barbour Living Heritage Village with my friend Joanne.  A good sized crowd laughed up a storm at the Tina Randall Comedy Show.  

The theatre is in a beautiful location, sitting on Barbour's Tickle, and looks the part as a recreated waterfront building.  Over the years, I've seen quite a few great musical performances there. Ron Hynes, Mary Barry, Denis Parker, Mick Davis, Jim Payne and Fergus O'Byrne, the list goes on of professional musicians who are seen up close, the smallness of the theatre bringing a wonderful sense of intimacy.  

I'll be watching to see who might appear on stage this summer.