Iceberg Dreaming 21/229 June 05 2016, 0 Comments

I have a meeting after work today with the Bonavista North Museum & Gallery.

This month will mark 17 years since I first joined the Board of Directors.  Easy to remember the dates... I missed my first meeting because I was busy giving birth to my son!

I've always loved our local museum, as I love all old things that take you away to a different time.  I knew some of the original board members, and remember the look of pride in Naboth Winsor's eyes when I showed interest in the place as a teenager. 

Tonight we'll be addressing special projects happening this summer. 

  • Red Dress Project
  • Christine Koch's Iceberg Dreaming in the gallery
  • Special Memorial Day happening on the 100th anniversary of Beaumont Hamel


If you'd like to know more about the Bonavista North Museum & Gallery, you can follow them on twitter: @WesleyvilleNL or facebook as well as the webpage, linked above.