137/229 September 30 2016, 0 Comments

While Leah ran the shop this afternoon, My little family drove to St. John's (4 hours away from Brookfield) to hear this fellow give a hilarious performance.
My favorite bit was about pop tarts and shredded wheat.  I can't remember a joke to save my life, but I'll giggle forever more at the mention of pop tarts.

Duke and I met up with a high-school friend later at Yellowbelly Brewery to hear an even bigger star in my estimation, my youngest brother Mick Davis.  Based on talent alone, he should be making the same dough that Mr. Seinfeld is rolling in.  And it's not just his sister who thinks so!  

Biggest news tonight, is that I've confirmed that The Novaks will perform at Norton's Cove Cafe during our opening week.  We're going to open with a blast of rock & roll!  When?  We'll see what happens.  Right Jerry?