160/229 Sunday Brunch October 23 2016, 0 Comments

I love to read.  Most mornings, if I'm late for work, it's because I've had my head stuck in a book.  Figuratively, of course.  And my boss minds a bit, but is unwilling to do anything to correct the problem.  Suggestions?
The Shoemaker's Wife is the most recent volume read by our book club.  This morning, we had a brunch meeting at my house, and discussed the book.  It was a hit amongst our members.  Everyone enjoyed the novel, which was loosely based on the circumstances of members of the author's family.  I have issue with the cover art... I never would have picked up this title with this cover.  Looks like a cheesy romance novel.  But under the covers, it's a life story of a couple with a tragic ending. Not the typical love story at all.  
I would certainly recommend it as a good read: Lots of great descriptions of Italy, the Catholic Church, immigration to the United States, and the immigrant life in the US too.  And if you like Italian cooking... this one will have you making fresh pasta, or going somewhere to find it!