Icebergs in June: Day Thirteen June 13 2011, 0 Comments

Iceberg count: zilch

However, I did see some pretty cool things on the weekend...  Duke, Jack & I drove to Bonavista to see the big Rock & Roll Show at The Garrick Theatre.  Jack wasn't actually allowed in...  Why are dogs not expected to enjoy a good concert?
First up, Mark Bragg & The Butchers were great! 
Mark doesn't stay still long enough to get a clear shot of him though!
Mark, how about opening the Mark Bragg School of Dance?  It would be a hit!
Then for the second part of the concert, The Novaks!
Fantastic!  Lots of great new songs I hadn't heard before, too. 
Thanks to The Garrick for offering up such a nice venue!
While on the road, I dropped off some artwork at The House of Diamonds in Glovertown, and at  Neil's Yard in Bonavista. Please drop in to those establishments, both of which are open and ready to show off all the art and craft they have gathered together.

We had a great visit with the Patersons in Upper Amherst Cove.  Paterson Woodworking is a must see for anyone travelling in that area.  Cool indeed!