Victoria Day Weekend May 18 2012, 0 Comments

This May 24th Weekend (actually May 18-21), my friend Alexis Templeton and her family will be coming to Brookfield to spend the holiday with me and mine.

Here is some of Alexis' Salt Fish line from a previous visit to Norton's Cove.  She also makes stunning Iceberg pieces, Crystaline Glaze pots, Sea Urchin bowls, etc.  What will she bring with her this time?  You'll have to visit to find out!

Alexis will be bringing some things for you to see, and I'll be doing some printing over the weekend, but we're making time for family fun too, visiting the beaches, the museum, etc.

We'll be in the studio this weekend by chance only- mostly when the weather isn't fabulous!  If you want to check to see if we're here before making the trip from any of the nearby towns, just give us a call at the studio: 536-2533.

These are snowflakes that Alexis & I make together.  I print the damp clay using a linocut plate and her slab roller, and she glazes the dry clay to make two sided ornaments.  These are available for purchase at both our studios.

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!