Culture Days September 28 2012, 0 Comments

Norton's Cove Studio is participating in Culture Days again this weekend!

Get a behind the scenes look at the art of relief printmaking! Janet will design, carve, and print a linocut print: start to finish during Culture Days. Try your own hand at carving, 'pull' a print through the etching press, have your questions about printmaking answered!

9am-4pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  No cost, just drop in to see printmaking in action!

I drew the Northern Gannett with visuals from a National Geographic magazine.  I see them whenever we go sailing, but I've never gotten close enough to one with a camera to get the detail I needed to help with the drawing. 

My drawing was then traced onto the linoleum using carbon paper, and highlighted with India ink which doesn't smudge as much as pencil or carbon does while I'm carving.  The whole plate is carved now, and awaits printing... I didn't get this all done during Culture Days, but will printing the bird very soon.  More pictures will follow of that process.