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The Greenspond Letter is a journal of the history of Greenspond through poetry, prose, photographs, and interviews.  Greenspond is an island situated on the north side of Bonavista Bay.  It was first settled over three centuries ago in the late 1690s, by people from the West Country of England.  Greenspond is one of the oldest continuously inhabitied outports in Newfoundland.  In 1698 Greenspond was inhabited by 13 men, women and children.  By 1810, the population was 600 and by 1901 the population had risen to 1,726.  Greenspond was one of the major settlements in Newfoundland.  It was an important fishing, shipping and commercial centre and was called "The Capital of the North". 
The Greenspond Letter is published four times a year in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Subscription rates are $24.00 per year.  Please address all correspondence to: Linda White
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