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Happy New Year, everyone.
I looked back to my plans for 2013 from last year's January 1st entry, and found this:

Welcome to another year!
My new year's resolution is more like a to-do list: things I want to accomplish in 2013, like doing a better job of being a home gardener, making sure the floors get painted in the house and studio, building a wharf across the road, buying a bigger sailboat, making more artwork than I did in 2012, installing new workspace lighting in the studio, making accomodations out of the woodshed.
Whatever I do or don't accomplish, I will take pleasure in trying, and enjoy my family, friends, and visitors stopping in throughout the year to see how it's all coming along. 
Well, I've accomplished some of those things: I did get the floors painted in the studio, not the house though.  I did get my front garden beds planted with shrubs, even some spring bulbs planted that I hope the snow is insulating right now.  The greenhouse was an embarrassment though.   I have to try better to grow food in 2014!  I didn't produce more artwork than in 2012, but am well on my way to make that goal in 2014 with four new plates in the works already.  We did purchase a bigger sailboat- we're very happy with our Beneteau 400.  New lighting over my work counters in the studio were installed last winter, and it's worked out very well.  I didn't even start on the woodshed project.  Cleaning the building out is scary.  I'm talking 'Changling' scary.  Nightmarish.  The small wharf across the road got started, but we think maybe something on a much grander scale is what we really want to do.  That plan is still in development.

Here I am with Jack on our new boat, Séa La Vie.
(name to be changed to Virtue- another thing to add to my list)

Most importantly, I did have a great year of enjoying friends and family by my side.

So, once again, welcome to another year!  May the progress of our lives and the fun bits that go along with it continue without hindrance!