gallery@ACTS January 09 2014, 2 Comments

I've been selected to show my artwork to incoming gallery owners from around Canada and the US this year at the gallery@acts portion of the Atlantic Craft Trade Show.  The event takes place at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax February 1st-3rd.

It's an easy show for me to take part in, as I'm familiar with downtown Halifax.  I spent almost three years walking to NSCADuniversity on Duke Street... usually accompanied by my very own Duke.  I hope to visit NSCAD while I'm there, see what's changed since I got that square piece of paper with the purple white and green ribbon attached in '98.

I'm only allowed to show 3-4 pieces, as the gallery space is shared with several artists.  I'll be bringing these:


Surfacing 1

Northern Gannet

...a detail of the unfinished Surfacing 5
Wish me luck!