Collaboration with Alexis Templeton March 09 2014, 0 Comments

Here a few snaps taken at Alexis' studio while we were making plates together.
Look for finished plates in the spring in four designs:
Starfish | Mussels | Sea Urchins | Sand Dollars

My linocut printing plates are pressed into clay...

I've cut around the linoleum, and peel back to reveal the embossed image.

Alexis turns up the edges, and trims and shapes them into plates.

When I leave the studio, the plates are drying in racks with supports to help them keep their shape until they are dry enough to go into the kiln.  Alexis is an expert at glazing her pots, and she'll no doubt transform these embossed plates into things of beauty.  I look forward to seeing them once she's worked her magic!