Day Four: July 2nd July 02 2015, 0 Comments

Another beautiful sunny day sailing...

After breakfast with friends and a little shopping to ensure Fred wouldn't expire from PSW, we set sail for La Scie.

The sea was playful coming around Cape St. John, and tossed us about a bit.  
The wind was up to 30 knots by the time we were closing in on our destination.

The hills are getting bigger as we head northward.
The photo doesn't do any justice at all, but the cliffs are really exquisite here.  
I wish I had brought along a photographer to get detailed photos to work from later!

We arrived at La Scie at 1600 hours, passing by this big chunk of ice on the way through the neck of water that led us to the harbour.

The forecast is suggesting we'll have time to walk around exploring the community tomorrow.  
So I'll describe La Scie to you then.