Day Seven: July 5th July 05 2015, 0 Comments

We departed Fleur-de-Lys at 0920 this morning, counting ten icebergs before reaching Englee seven hours later at 1600 hours.
It was so cold we could see our breath.
Even Jack the Labrador was cold.  

The wharf was a little difficult to find, as our GPS told us we were crossing over land as we were approaching the wharf!
But we did find it, and the Harbour Master wasn't long coming by to introduce herself.  
We have deep water, shore power, access to a washroom with shower, a washing machine & dryer, and even a little kitchenette.  
I made quick use of the laundry facilities again as I had forgotten to take the towels to Sherrye's house yesterday.
We had a filling supper at the Cross Rocks Cafe where the service was fast and courteous, and came home to a warm Virtue to settle in for the evening.  

We're planning a short trip tomorrow, to Conche.