Day Nine: July 7th July 07 2015, 0 Comments

We began the day in Conche.  

More beautiful wildflowers I'd like to steal home with me seen on the morning Jack walk.

A cool piece of history is just sitting in a field.  Duke noticed this while out walking Jack last night.
The four of us walked up to see it before departing for St. Anthony.

We tried to tie up at St. Anthony, which is a fairly big harbour.  The only wharf that we knew had deep enough water for us (we need eight feet to be safe) didn't have the space for us to tie up, and while we were trying to squeeze in there there was a vacuum truck (I think) making so much noise that I couldn't converse with the guys at the wharf to ask where else may be available.

Being a fine day sailing, we quickly pulled out to sea again and continued on towards Griquet, our last stopping point before crossing the straights.  Because we had detailed directions from my cousin Kier, we arrived safely inside Griquet's sheltered harbour just after five o'clock.

We were quickly welcomed by another cousin, Glen, & his dog Misty.

We were collected and taken out to supper at Northern Delights with a group of cousins that I have met for the first time this evening.
Griquet is where my dad's mother, Lillian Hillier, was born and raised.  Through her family, I am cousins with the owners of the Dark Tickle Company here.  More on that fine establishment tomorrow!

We will spend tomorrow getting ready for the last leg of our trip, and watch the weather forecast for the best time to run to Battle Harbour in Labrador.