Day Seventeen: July 15th July 15 2015, 0 Comments

A very smooth trip to La Scie today.

Just a little outside of Fleur-de-Lys, Duke spotted something in the water and was quick to avoid hitting it.  It was a humpback whale, who seemed to be just dozing on the surface.  By the side of our boat, the whale blew, and then dipped down, showing us his tail.  Of course, it happened too quickly for cameras.  

An hour or so further we saw the dolphins again.  They always seem like they're on their way to a party.  Excited to be going and full of expectation.  Standing up on the bow, you can see them plainly through the water, dipping and rising and then jumping, leaving a little white cap mark on the ocean's surface.

We are heading to the Outport Museum & Tearoom for supper, and plan to have an early night so that we're ready for an early morning tomorrow.  

Tomorrow we hope to make Seldom on Fogo Island.