Day Nineteen: July 17th July 17 2015, 0 Comments

We had a beautiful day sailing back to Bonavista Bay.
Sun, whales, icebergs, everything good and fabulous.

We caught up with Beamy of Belleview just before we headed into Norton's Cove.
The wind came up quite choppy near home, and made for an interesting splashy sort of return.
Also made grabbing the mooring lines quite a challenge, and it took three tries to get it, tangled as it was.

As soon as we got our dinghy in the water, Jack jumped in!
Before we got the dinghy to the floating wharf in our little cove, Jack jumped in the water and swam the last few feet.
He's here in my studio with me now, snoring happily on his bed.

We're off home now as I end my last blog of our little #SailVirtue adventure. 
Thank you for following along.
We're all happy to be home.

Back to usual work and play tomorrow!