Lelli Jewellery October 17 2015, 0 Comments

I have a beautiful old wood & glass display case with a history.

When I became the new owner of the J. Kean shop, it was in a mess.  The windows were all smashed, the floor was falling in, and every surface that had ever been painted was peeling.  It was accepted among the locals that the place would surely fall down or get torn down... and then I stepped in.

When I began using the building and it was clear that the building would be saved, I had a visit from a young woman who grew up nearby.  She had a wooden display cabinet with some of the glass still intact in hand.  She had stolen the cabinet, thinking it would certainly be lost with the rubble that would become of the rest of the shop.  Now she was returning it to it's rightful place, on the wooden counter of the Job Kean Shop.  Thanks for keeping it safe, Cyndi.

New jewellery came with the post this past week, and the little display case is happily full of pretty things once more.  To find out more about Lelli Jewellery, you can visit www.lelli.ca.  My favorites are the labradorite nests...  What are yours?