Squareing Yards and Furling Sails November 03 2015, 3 Comments

Newly available for sale through the shop both here in Brookfield and online, this print was quite fun to make.  The image itself is about 5x7 inches, and the matted size is 11x14 inches.

Printed with black ink, the ocean and sky are watercoloured by hand.

My aunt Linda passed an envelope of my grandfather's papers to me last year, in the hopes that I might be inspired to make something of them.  This image is based entirely on a sketch that he made in 1982 on a bit of scrap paper.  

Skipper Gus Davis made a lasting impact on his large family and circle of friends, and we all still miss him dearly.  Gus played a large part in fostering the arts in our family, encouraging his children and grandchildren to express themselves through music and visual arts too.  And when I add up all his grandchildren who are known to be writers, performers, musicians, visual artists, and sometimes all of the above, it's impressive what a bit of encouragement can do.