14th Annual Christmas Party December 05 2015, 0 Comments

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate another Xmas season with Norton's Cove Studio!  Every year since 2002, we have gathered the local supporters and friends of the studio, and thrown a little party as a thank you.

I have a beautiful collection of people who help out each year, and I'd like to make some special mentions:

Chris Jagger Parsons drops in to see me several times a week.  He helps me with the espresso machine, he kept my shop open to customers while I was away at the craft fair, and he keeps me feeling like I'm doing something important with my life.  And we've had lots of fun making books together.  More on that later...

Heather Beselaere has been another shining light.  She has kept my shop open while I'm at home taking care of chores there.  She has been adding her skills as well as her bright and enthusiastic attitude all over this little town since showing up here a few years ago from Ontario.  I'm very thankful she has chosen Wesleyville as her retirement community.  

My family is, as always, a huge blessing.  My dad's "anything is possible" attitude, my mom's time and energy as a printing assistant and card packager extraordinaire, and my husband's constant encouragement are all very meaningful to me.  My teenage son is a great lugger of stuff when going to trade shows and setting up art exhibits.  


Jennifer Kelland Perry was the Door Prize winner!  Congratulations, Jennifer!

Each year, we make another draw for a $50 Gift Certificate from the big bag of subscribers to my monthly newsletter.  The first draw was disqualified because the person had unsubscribed during the year.  The second draw, and winner of the Gift Certificate, was Betty Pryor.  Congratulations, Betty!