Original Heidelberg January 17 2016, 0 Comments

I took part in a weekend workshop at the College of the North Atlantic, funded by the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador, on the use of a Heidelberg Press.  

The workshop was led by Ken Holden, who I found to be a wonderful instructor.  The other participants added their knowledge as well as coffee and biscotti!  I learned lots, and came away with some things to think about.

I make all my cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks by inking them up by hand with a brayer, laying them on my etching press bed, laying paper on top, and hand cranking them through.  Then they have to dry on a drying rack.  It takes many days to print the cards I need to satisfy their demand throughout the year, and many more days to package them into the format you can buy in my shop.  If I used a press such as the Original Heidelberg, I may be able to cut my production time down greatly, saving time for other projects.

The Original Heidelberg is a very cool printing press.  I wouldn't be able to get the debossing I get by printing on an etching press with dampened papers though.  And I'd have to travel to another printshop where there is a press of this sort to use.  Hmmm... 

What do you think?