Planning February 05 2016, 0 Comments

January disappeared, but I'm happy that I have most of a business plan written!

With the hopes of adding a cafe to the list of services my company offers, I have been pulling together a list of ideas, facts, and figures that will make up the Norton's Cove Cafe Business Plan.  The process is an exciting way to share this vision with those who will be financial supporters in the early days.

I'll be looking for some start-up help from government agencies, banks, and maybe even a couple of small investors.  So it's pretty important that I do a good job writing this document!

From teastory, 1998/99
Tea stained, lithographed tea bag; hand embroidered


There is much to tell, but right now, I have to wait until I receive the go ahead from the municipal council of New-Wes-Valley.  Fingers crossed!