Greenspond is a Pretty Place February 11 2016, 3 Comments

There's a little ditty that used to be heard often in these parts...

Greenspond is a pretty place
And so is Pinchard's Island
Ma will have a new fur coat
When Pa comes home from swiling

Of course, there are several versions, as with all folklore spread by tongue.

My family settled Pinchard's Island when they made the big trip over the ocean from England in the early 1800s, so you'd think my inspiration would be turned towards that island.  But I am constantly drawn to Greenspond.  

Perhaps that's because I can visit Greenspond easily and it's still a vibrant village, as opposed to Pinchard's Island which holds just a few cabins and I can only really go there in the summer via boat.  

I was married in the c.1899/1901 courthouse at Greenspond, and warm and fuzzy feelings are conjured with that remembrance. Valentine's Day is coming.  Don't judge me for being too much of a romantic this week!

So here is my latest project in the works:

Lots of cutting to do yet!
I'll show you some progress again soon.