February February 24 2016, 0 Comments

Life at Norton's Cove is full this winter.  

My days have been filled with cafe planning, just a little art making, visits with friends and family, and wonderful downtime that I wasn't getting much of last year!  I've read lots and watched about as many period films as is healthy.

The cafe has been given the okay from the local municipality {New-Wes-Valley} and now I just have to get the floor plan and septic plan approved by the Health Inspector before starting renovations.  Duke has started clearing out the building.  Just where all that clutter is going to go, nobody knows!  

The Greenspond lino-cut is very slowly coming along, as you can see... 

I've been getting ready to print cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks to update my stock levels here at Norton's Cove Studio.  That means lots of counting and figuring out how many of each design and each colour to print.  Spring orders have started.  Winter won't be long going now.

Next week there should be some printing action happening here, and I look forward to showing you!