Brad Mercer Ride for Health March 01 2016, 0 Comments

There's a fundraising campaign ongoing at the local hospital (where I was born) to acquire some new heart monitoring equipment.  

The campaign includes the sale of tickets on a piece of artwork donated by Norton's Cove Studio.

You can view the print and purchase tickets for $1 each (1500 tickets printed) at the local Bank of Nova Scotia here in Wesleyville.

Bonavista Bay by Virtue: Lino-cut relief print with watercolour

The fundraising campaign includes The Brad Mercer Ride for Health, a snowmobile event which I'm guessing just might turn into an ATV event, if we don't get any snow in the next couple of weeks!  

Brad Mercer worked at the local hospital, and grew up here in Brookfield.  He died a young man, very unexpectedly, and this fundraising campaign in his name strikes home.

I hope the campaign is a huge success!