Fraud March 29 2016, 1 Comment

Well, aren't I a sucker.  Almost.

I received an order by email for a pile of artwork earlier this month.  I packed up the pile of artwork, sent off an invoice, and did a little investigating because something just wasn't right.  

The gmail address did not match the email address on the website of the lovely place I looked up online.  The phone number didn't match either.  I emailed the address on the website, asking if they placed an order.  No response.  I forwarded the order information emails to that same address.  No response.  

But I did manage to contact the lovely place, called Het Kunstgemaal, in the Netherlands today, and no, they did not place an order.

So, no real harm done, I'm unpacking all the boxes I so carefully put together a couple of days ago.  It would have been really cool to have a place overseas selling my artwork though.

I'm disappointed, but hey, I have lots of framed artwork in stock now!

If you are a could be victim of fraud like me, watch out for these email addresses:  block them.  Report them.  They're up to no good.

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