Good Buoy!

A new product made right here at Norton's Cove Studio by Duke Kelloway... Marine inspired dog leashes made of spliced ropes.

Individually priced according to size.

Jack approved.

Grace Sparkes

Thanks to Marie-Beth Wright and everyone who came out last night to the enjoyable book signing event here at Norton's Cove Studio.

Marie-Beth Wright, biographer of Grace Sparkes

Norton's Cove Mini-Prints

A snapshot taken by S. Simpson
Thanks to S. Simpson who sent me this snap of the three mini-prints she bought at my studio this spring. She's done a lovely job of framing them, and thought I'd show you all an example of what to do with these little prints if you purchase them unframed.

Surfacing Continues...

I'm working on a series of 9 8x10 canvases.
 Each oil painting is based on the same photograph of waves, yet the images are unique.

Here's Surfacing 6-5 in progress...

Check out the art for sale page to see the finished pieces.


Today was spent enjoying the weather, our sailboat (Virtue), and family.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Sailor Dog and I sailed from our overnight stop of Bragg's Island back home to Brookfield.  I took hundreds of photographs of the sea, to use over the coming months as inspiration for my spring show SURFACING. Pretty good reason to have the shop closed up for a day, wouldn't you say? 

Grace Sparkes

$21 taxes included
Available now at Norton's Cove Studio

Locals may remember author Marie-Beth Wright as part of the family who ran George Green & Sons in Valleyfield for many years.  Marie Beth will be at Norton's Cove Studio on August 2nd (starts at 7pm) to read an excerpt from her new book, and to sign your copy.  Feel free to drop in to meet the author, and find out more about Grace Sparkes. 

More Work Surfacing

Surfacing #6-2
Oil on Canvas | 8x10 inches | Janet Davis 2014 | $90 tax included