Grace Sparkes

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Available now at Norton's Cove Studio

Locals may remember author Marie-Beth Wright as part of the family who ran George Green & Sons in Valleyfield for many years.  Marie Beth will be at Norton's Cove Studio on August 2nd (starts at 7pm) to read an excerpt from her new book, and to sign your copy.  Feel free to drop in to meet the author, and find out more about Grace Sparkes. 

More Work Surfacing

Surfacing # 7
Oil on Canvas | 8x10 inches | Janet Davis 2014 | $90 tax included


We spotted whales from our bedroom window this morning which put thoughts of going to work out of our minds completely.  We called up some friends and got aboard our boat (which you'll be hearing more about soon) and took off to go whale watching.  What a fantastic morning/early afternoon we had!  I'm back on solid ground and back at the studio, even though I'm really sleepy from all the fresh sea air and the excitement of seeing:
  • humpback whales
  • minke whales
  • gannets
  • shags (cormorants)
  • turrs (common murre)
  • seals
  • gulls
  • icebergs
I didn't take many pictures as I was too busy enjoying the view to look through a lens, but here are a couple that I snapped with my phone:


Designed Spring 2014
Available as a 4 x 6 card ($6.75), 5 x 7 matted mini-print ($13.50),
or 8x10 framed mini-print ($45.50) in any ink colour on off-white paper.

Drawn from a pin worn by soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, this updated caribou image is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first World War.  Lest we forget.

New Book in Stock

Fat-back & Molasses is a collection of favorite old recipes from Newfoundland & Labrador.

$10.50 tax included

This book has some interesting old recipes, including Fried Cod Heads, sent in by Mrs. Lloyd Hann of Wesleyville, as well as all the old Newfoundland favorites like fish stew, spruce beer, blueberry wine, and some suprising ones, like Squirrel Cakes!  If you want to know what traditional Newfoundland food consists of, this is the cookbook for you!

New Book in Stock

Forced to flee England, the Andrews family books passage to a fresh start in a distant country, only to discover a barren, inhospitable land at the end of their crossing. To seventeen-year-old Lavinia, uprooted from everything familiar, it seems a fate worse than the one they left behind. Driven by loneliness she begins a journal.
Random Passage satisfies the craving for those details that headstones and history books can never give: the real story of our Newfoundland ancestors, of how time and chance brought them to the forbidding shores of a new found land. It is a saga of families and of individuals; of acquisitive Mary Bundle; of charming Ned Andrews, whose thievery has turned his family into exiles; of mad Ida; of Thomas Hutchings, who might be an aristocrat, a holy man, or a murderer; and of Lavinia – who wrote down the truth and lies about them all.
$21 tax included.

New-Wes-Valley Market

My friends Steve and Lynn are hosting this market each Sunday starting today.  If you're in the area, please stop in and check it out!  My studio is open too- two places to visit on this rainy Sunday!

Studio Visits

I enjoyed two great visits with students from Pearson Academy today.  
Here's a shot of Mrs. Faulkner- Kean's grade five students:

Would your group like to visit?
I'd love to show you some printmaking techniques and show off my 124 year old shop!

Fibre Arts Guild

I'm  thrilled to be able to share this poster with you.   We have some really keen young people in the area and I am very happy to help them along the way.  

New Book In Stock

Sam, the colourful sculpin, is different. And on one warm summer day, he swims through an underwater community teeming with lively fish of all shapes and sizes. But Sam doesn’t look like anyone else. He feels lonely. Until he finds Sara, his perfect match, in a world where everyone is different in their own way. Al Pittman’s classic story, vibrantly illustrated by Shawn O’Hagan, is a perennial favourite. Breakwater is proud to make One Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin Named Sam available in a new edition for a whole new generation of readers.

$21 taxes included, hardcover