Printing All Week

Monday through to Friday, Ollie (my clean hands) and I have been printing bookmarks, cards, and mini-prints to restock the shelves here at Norton's Cove Studio.

We've been working hard, and we've printed almost 600 pieces in red, red-yellow, orange, blue, blue-red, yellow, black, grey, blue-green, and green.

Now we just have get them packaged into the final product, 
which will probably take another week!

Happy New Year!

I'm planning a wonderful 2015.

There are new art classes and workshops starting in January... check out the schedule here.

I have a solo exhibit coming up at the Craft Council Gallery in May and June, which I'll be busy getting ready for all winter.  I'll be printmaking, painting, and hooking mats representing ocean portraits.  There should be a couple of collaborative projects included in the show too...

Then I'll be packing up SS Virtue for the trip of a lifetime.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Labrador Retreiver, Theo the orange tabby, and I will be sailing to Battle Harbour, Labrador at the end of June.  I cannot express how excited I am about this plan!  I have a hard time saying "Battle Harbour" without clapping my hands.  I will be the Artist in Residence for the month of July.  I'll be creating work in a space provided for me, and teaching a few workshops on lino-cut printmaking.  Go to to find out more about Battle Harbour and the fantastic vacation you can have there!

And that means that Norton's Cove Studio will be closed for the month of July.  Not to worry- I'll be bringing back lots of newly inspired work and a slide show too.

What are your plans for 2015?

Shop Snaps Today...

The studio is open most days until Christmas Eve.
Stop in to find a gift they don't already have, 
and enjoy a hassle free shopping experience.
Gift wrapping available at no extra cost.

Have a coffee while you browse.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Caribou holiday cards available:
regular price $6.75 tax included.

Cards, Mini-Prints, t-shirts, original artworks, chocolates,
and art supplies behind the counter...

Lots of framed original lino-cut prints to choose from...

Looking from the press room into the main body of the shop.

Just inside the front door...

Can't swing by in person?  You can shop online too.  Just click on the link to the right...
Can't find what you want online?  Send me an email with a list of what you'd like and I'll ship it to you direct.

Happy Christmas!

Fresh Caplin

Fresh Caplin
Lino-cut relief print |Rice paper |  Janet Davis 2014 | $100 matted* also available framed in store | matted size is 10 x 10 inches | Edition of 36 + 3 Trial Proofs

Scan gives you a better look!

New Bookmarks

Available as a 2x4 bookmark ($4.50*)
 in any ink colour on off-white paper with a white or black tassel.

Available as a 2x4 bookmark ($4.50*)
 in any ink colour on off-white paper with a white or black tassel.

Suprise Sale!

Until November 30th 2014
all cards, mini-prints, framed mini-prints, and bookmarks will be available for discounted prices:

Regular Price-- $4.50 Sale Price $3 each!
 Regular Price-- $6.75 Sale Price $4 each!
Regular Price-- $13.50 Sale Price $8 each!

Framed Mini-Prints
Regular Price $45.50 Sale Price $27 each!

The Dark Tickle Company

New stock has just arrived from the Dark Tickle Company in gorgeous Griquet, on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.  They make great stocking stuffers.  Bundled up, they make wonderful gift bags!  For the person who has everything!


Bonavista Bay by Virtue

Bonavista Bay by Virtue
Lino-cut relief print | 100% cotton Canson 250g paper |  Janet Davis 2014 | $130 matted* or $216 framed as shown | Image size is approximately 14" wide x  8" high | Variable Edition of 50 + 6 other proofs
This print is brand new and now available matted or framed at Norton's Cove Studio and online (see the online shop to the right of this screen).

The inspiration for this piece is a photograph taken while sailing towards the Fair Islands, on our way to Sydney Cove on Pork Island for a night aboard our Beneteau 400 sailing vessel named Virtue.

New 2014 Xmas Card!

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Caribou

Designed Fall 2014
Available as a 4 x 6 card ($6.75*), 5 x 7 matted mini-print ($13.50),
or 8x10 framed mini-print ($45.50) in any ink colour on off-white paper with a touch of watercolour.  *tax included

Get your CD here!

Mick Davis' LEARNING THE GAME has been nominated for two MusicNL awards!  Get your copy of the album here at Norton's Cove Studio!

From Music NL:  All music awards will be given out at the 2014 MusicNL Awards Gala at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre Sunday October 26th at 8:00pm. Tickets are $30 tax in and can be purchased at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre by calling (709) 637-2581 or go to - See more at: