New at the shop this week: Shimmers Ornaments by Judy Cooper

Codfish, Anchor, Polar Bear, Humpback, & Dory Shimmers Ornaments available at Norton's Cove Studio for $10 each.
Each original is made from a variety of threads.  They can be used as Christmas ornaments, or as decorative hangings.  Shimmers fit easily in an ordinary envelope for mailing.

You can find out more about Judy Cooper here,

Spring is in the Air!

 There's been a lot of melting going on around Norton's Cove Studio this week, and the air has taken on a spring quality.  Just in time to energize me to start filling spring orders for my Norton's Cove Card product line.  I took a few orders in March at the Provincial Craft Wholesale Show, and I've been printing and packaging since then, with help from Ollie and Duke.  Today the first of the orders will be going out.  You'll find new product soon at...

Rocket Bakery and Fresh Foods
Gatherall's Boat Tours
Living Planet | Johnny Ruth
The Dock Marina
Craft Council Shop
Terra Nova Park
Dark Tickle


In just a few days, we'll mark 100 years since the Newfoundland Disaster.

Now available for sale right here at the shop of Captain Job Kean.  
You will find Job as one of the sealing captains shown on page 22...

This book is an emotional find for someone like me who is surrounded by the history of the seal hunt.  
Wesleyville was once known as "The home of the famous seal killers", and this book is filled with the stories of my predecessors.  I type this entry in Baxter Kean's office, looking at his photo in sealing attire on page 20.  Page 19 shows my husband's great grandfather, Frederick Kelloway, and the man standing next to him is surely a Sturge or a Winter... The book has pull out copies of sealing lists and other fascinating documents.

My congratulations to Jenny Higgins and Boulder Publications for putting together such a treasure of a book.

$29.95 + GST = $31.45

Collaboration with Alexis Templeton

Here a few snaps taken at Alexis' studio while we were making plates together.
Look for finished plates in the spring in four designs:
Starfish | Mussels | Sea Urchins | Sand Dollars

My linocut printing plates are pressed into clay...

I've cut around the linoleum, and peel back to reveal the embossed image.

Alexis turns up the edges, and trims and shapes them into plates.

When I leave the studio, the plates are drying in racks with supports to help them keep their shape until they are dry enough to go into the kiln.  Alexis is an expert at glazing her pots, and she'll no doubt transform these embossed plates into things of beauty.  I look forward to seeing them once she's worked her magic!

Studio Tour

Here's a link to a little production I was featured in along with several other artists taking part in the gallery@acts exhibition/seminars at Halifax...

Studio Tour Season 1 Episode 9 on Bell Aliant's Community One

Hope you enjoy it!

Drawing & Painting Classes

New art classes will be starting on March 12th and running for 10 weeks.  Classes will only go ahead if there are a minimum of three students registered for each class.

A big welcome to Austin King, who has agreed to take on the role of Instructor for this series of classes. Austin is a graduate of Memorial University's Grenfell College with a Bacelor of Fine Arts.

Classes will center around drawing and painting.  For all levels of ability.  I look forward to being a student for all these classes!
Joanne Wiley draws during a 2013 class at Norton's Cove Studio

Please call, email, or text Janet to register for any or all classes.

Each Wednesday, the same class will be offered during the morning [10am-noon] and again at night [7-9pm] in order to fit more of your busy schedules!  The dates are:

March 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14.

Each class will cost $20 including HST and most materials.

Drawing and Painting with instructor Gerald Vaandering at the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft and Design

Drawing and Painting – March break

Drawing & Painting – March break
Date: March 3 - 7
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
Instructor: Gerald Vaandering
This March break, treat yourself to a week of making and learning! Gerald is excited to host a series of classes that focus on this: The foundation of any painting is a drawing.  Though you may be able to envision your final masterpiece, you must have a drawing as a foundation. This class will open your eyes and enable you to translate your vision into a sketch, which will evolve into a painting, sculpture, quilt, or craft design - anything you can imagine.   
Each class will begin with a drawing that leads to a painting. Various methods, tools, and media for both drawing and painting will be explored. Feel free to work with oil or water based paints. Participants would benefit from previous art classes – not for beginners.
This was a popular class last summer, and participants were thrilled with their projects. Sign up early so you don't miss out!
Fee: $125 (includes HST, supplies extra)
*product image by Casey Jex Smith
Price: $125.00

I've signed up for this art class next week- won't you join me?  Go here to sign up!

Humpback Platters

Quite a few weeks ago, Alexis Templeton and I started making some platters with my printing plate for Humpbacks.  The finished pieces are ready to go.  You can pick one up at Alexis Templeton Studio in St. John's, or here at Norton's Cove Studio... I have four in stock.  Of course, each one is a little different.  It's great fun to see what comes out of the kiln at Alexis' studio.

Humpbacks | Printed Clay | Alexis Templeton and Janet Davis | $287 + HST


Signage outside the gallery@acts
Two of my surfacing pieces outside the gallery entrance

Northern Gannet and Humpbacks in the gallery

one view of the gallery, showing work by myself as well as Shawn O'Hagan, Rilla Marshall, Linda Yates & David Hayashida, as well as others, all from the Atlantic provinces.
Most of the participating artists met with five different gallery owners over the weekend as a group as well as in one-on-one sessions.  I went not knowing what to expect, and came home realizing that I had learned a lot about my work and how to go about approaching a gallery that might be a good fit for my practice.

Flawless flights and a great group of artists to spend my off time with made the trip really great.  Thanks to all who made it an enjoyable adventure, and to those who have wished me well.

Twine Needle

Twine Needle
Multi-media: print, hand embroidery on cotton  |  Edition of 12  | Janet Davis2014 | $111 + HST framed

Going back to my new year's post... I think I've already produced more artwork in 2014 than in 2013.  Some of those pieces were started in 2013, but still, I'm on a roll!  No pun intended, Hugh, but noted!  Printmaker on a roll, right? right?