Surfacing 8 (Working Title)

Sketchbook with reversed photo and my notes...

Inking up the printing plate with my new brayer...

This is the first colour of 3 or 4 planned for this reduction print.
Here is the inked plate on the press bed...
And here are some of the impressions, hung to dry, as they are too large for my drying rack.

More on this image's progress next week!
4 more pieces of paper waiting to be printed right now...
It's back to hooking tomorrow.

My lovely clean studio...

Because my studio has been a busy spot these past few weeks, it's been messy.
Then the heating system stopped working, forcing us to install new electric heaters... more mess.
So when I cleaned up the place to make it comfortable enough to work in again, I took a few snaps to show you how lovely a building I am lucky enough to have as a workspace...


This is my first attempt at posting a YouTube video...
Fingers crossed the link works, and doesn't lead you to videos about a different type of hooker...

Surfacing 10

A few snaps of a large-ish installation piece in progress for my 
upcoming exhibit at the Craft Council Gallery...

Surfacing 10 will be a series of 70 (fingers crossed) 5" x 5" hooked mats.
I am re-purposing bed sheets, cut with scissors, in store bought burlap.

I am on a pretty strict schedule and won't go home at night until I've finished a square for the day.
There are lino-cuts and paintings to create too.  I can sleep in May.

#Surfacing #Hooker

New at the shop!

Look what showed up at Norton's Cove Studio last night!

Mick's latest CD: Hello Again
$14.50 tax included

Available now at Norton's Cove Studio

Battle Harbour Announced

I don't have a facebook account, but those of you who do, you can follow Battle Harbour to hear about my upcoming artist residency there!

5 Day Art Challenge

Artist +Janet Peter  (@jlpeter37 on twitter) has challenged me to a five day art posting challenge on twitter.  I've accepted her challenge, and I've nominated Christine Koch (@C_KochArtist on twitter) to do the same.

I'll be posting 3 images of my artwork each day this week, Monday through Friday.  Check it out in my twitter feed to the lower right...

All three images from my 1998/99 solo exhibit teastory

You can follow me on twitter if you like @NortonsCove

Printing All Week

Monday through to Friday, Ollie (my clean hands) and I have been printing bookmarks, cards, and mini-prints to restock the shelves here at Norton's Cove Studio.

We've been working hard, and we've printed almost 600 pieces in red, red-yellow, orange, blue, blue-red, yellow, black, grey, blue-green, and green.

Now we just have get them packaged into the final product, 
which will probably take another week!

Pearson Academy's Grade Four Visit

The Grade Four class at Pearson Academy came for a visit today to learn about the history of the Job Kean Shop.  They heard all about how Job & Virtue Kean built the wooden structure back about 1890, and how the community could get pretty much anything required at the shop.  They checked out the working scales, the brown paper holders, and the old cash drawer that dings.  

Thanks for visiting!  What a lovely group of students!  Come back soon!

Photos courtesy of Brenda Lee Goodyear.

Happy New Year!

I'm planning a wonderful 2015.

There are new art classes and workshops starting in January... check out the schedule here.

I have a solo exhibit coming up at the Craft Council Gallery in May and June, which I'll be busy getting ready for all winter.  I'll be printmaking, painting, and hooking mats representing ocean portraits.  There should be a couple of collaborative projects included in the show too...

Then I'll be packing up SS Virtue for the trip of a lifetime.  Duke, Fred, Jack the Labrador Retreiver, Theo the orange tabby, and I will be sailing to Battle Harbour, Labrador at the end of June.  I cannot express how excited I am about this plan!  I have a hard time saying "Battle Harbour" without clapping my hands.  I will be the Artist in Residence for the month of July.  I'll be creating work in a space provided for me, and teaching a few workshops on lino-cut printmaking.  Go to to find out more about Battle Harbour and the fantastic vacation you can have there!

And that means that Norton's Cove Studio will be closed for the month of July.  Not to worry- I'll be bringing back lots of newly inspired work and a slide show too.

What are your plans for 2015?